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About MinView

MinView is a web-based service provided by the NSW Department of Industry. MinView enables users to interactively view, search and download historical and current geoscience and exploration title information via the Internet.

The MinView Entry Portal provides differently customised entry points for users requiring access to exploration information about Minerals, Coal. Petroleum; and for users to query Titles information, to lodge Mineral Exploration Licence applications, to request Exploration Licence expiry reminders and to download related information.

MinView provides functionality for users to:

  • VIEW image, vector and point data from the Department's geoscience and titles databases using graphical select, zoom and pan facilities
  • Make SPATIAL or TEXT-based QUERIES incorporating links to the DIGS database
  • Make DOWNLOADS of spatial data in an ESRI GIS format from a selected area of the displayed layers using a map-based query tool
  • Monitor titles-related changes to selected areas of NSW using EMAIL ALERTS
  • Display METADATA for each data layer
  • BOOKMARK views to facilitate returning to the same views using your preferred set-up
  • PRINT a map page

To obtain full information about each data layer please use the MinView metadata button available from the toolbar in each view.

The conditions governing use of this facility can be reached via the Legal link on each page.

View Our Data in Google Earth

The Geoscientific Data Warehouse (GDW) enables users to view our geoscience data in Google Earth. The GDW also provides simple database searches, downloads of geoscience data in CSV and GIS formats, and over 300 geology maps for phones and tablets.

Apply to be a registered user

Access to the Email Alert, Email Reminder and Multiple Bookmark functions can be obtained by applying to be a registered user. To apply to be a registered user, all you need to do is send an email to minview.reguser@industry.nsw.gov.au and request we create a registered user account for you. To activate this account we will need to use your email address as the Username and we will allocate you an interim password by return email. At your first login, you will be provided with the facility to change the interim password to one of your choice.

Your email address will be collected by the Department of Industry - Division of Resources & Energy and recorded for the express purpose of activating the MinView email alert and email reminder services for you. This information will not be distributed to any other parties. The supply of your email address is voluntary however email alerts and reminder services cannot be effected without storage of this information on our databases. You may unsubscribe from these services at any time by sending an email to Division of Resources & Energy at minview.reguser@industry.nsw.gov.au with "Unsubscribe" in the subject field of your email. You may also access or correct your recorded details by sending an email detailing your request to the same email address.


MinView has been optimised for use on Microsoft Internet Explorer v 6.0.x. Use of the application with any other browser or version may result in non-optimal performance or lack of functionality.

Pop-Up Blockers

If the Minview map view window fails to launch you may have a "Popup Blocker" installed or may be using the Google Toolbar. To correct this problem, please turn off the Popup Blocker or Google Toolbar then re-launch a map view window using one of the customised entry points on the MinView Entry Portal page.

For More Information

If you would like more information or help with the following topic areas please contact us using the appropriate email address:

For MinView operational queries: minview.info@industry.nsw.gov.au

For Titles Information queries: tas.info@industry.nsw.gov.au

For Geoscience Information queries: geoscience.products@industry.nsw.gov.au

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